Lucia Lace - Latina
Lucia Lace
How she was found/recruited:

When Lucia Lace's boyfriend got a new camera, it was all he wanted to play with. Instead of making him put it down, she found an activity they could both enjoy: filming her sexy Latina pussy and making one hell of an amateur sex tape.

Age: 24
Ethnicity: Latina
Bra size: 36DD
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130
Fav position: Missionary

Lucia Lace

Lucia Lace - Busty Brunette Slipped the D
With her big tits and juicy booty, Lucia Lace looks fine in everything she tries on, so when she can't afford all the outfits she's picked out, this fiery Latina does what she does best, and rides the salesman's dick 'til he cums all over her.
Project RV
89 %
118457 views - Jan 02, 2016
Lucia Lace - Busty Latina Titty Twerks
While her dad is away, spicy Latina Lucia Lace gets down and dirty with her man, flashing her big boobs and showing off her signature "titty twerk." Will Lucia get caught with a dick in her mouth, or will she and her man get off?
Latina Sex Tapes
94 %
91264 views - Aug 08, 2015
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